Other Resources

Other Resources

“No one place has it all; no one person knows everything. Besides, no one likes a know-it-all; and everyone, at times, needs help looking for something… except trouble. That you can find all on your own…” – Robert Raymer

Blogs on the Craft of Writing

Eric Forbes’ Blog
Redbox Biz Blog
Bibliobibuli Blog
EastEatsWest Blog
Pimp My Novel
Pub Rants
Nathan Brandsford
Bookends, LLC
The Book Deal

Author! Author!
Janet Reid
The Intern
Query Shark
Miss Snark
Books Love me – Reviews

Websites on Writing

The New Yorker
Hollywood News Network
Robert McKee
MPH Books

Penang Players
The Writer
Fiction Writing
Publishers’ Weekly
Elements of Style

Jim Rohn
Success Store
Silverfish Books
Author’s Guild (US)
Association of Author’s Representatives (US)

Association of Author’s Agents (UK)
Australian Literary Agents’ Association
Preditors & Editors
Writer Beware
Writer’s Digest

Creative Writing Now
Cha: An Asian Literary Journal
Asia Writes

The Book Marketing Network
The Op-Ed Project
EWR-Top 50 Literary Magazines